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Standing at the gates of the Temple of Moloch, pleading with uninformed and misinformed mothers for the life of their innocent babies.

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  1. Jennifer Niemman Says:


    Pro-life Film Project Tells Story of Loss From Father’s Perspective

    Vancouver, WA – June 14, 2013

    Vancouver Filmworks is a non-profit that exists to inspire, support and engage innovative narrative storytelling in our community by teaching filmaking through collaboration; providing an artistic outlet for our underserved youth, provide filmmaking equipment and resources for production, fund working film artists, produce feature length motion picture projects using new media resources from inception to distribution and promote local film projects to national distinction.

    Writer, director, producer and Vancouver Filmworks Executive Director J.S. Waters is proud to announce an Indiegogo project to fund Vancouver Filmworks latest project Justified, which will go live at 12 noon on Friday PDT on Indiegogo (find the link at: The film is a courtroom drama about a young father on trial for the murder of an abortion doctor who must convince a jury and his own prochoice attorney that his actions to save his unborn child are justifiable.

    Waters acknowledges “I know this subject is very controversial and emotions will run deep on both sides of the debate, whether you are pro-life or prochoice. The idea of a film with a central character on trial for murdering an abortion doctor is extremely disturbing to many who feel, with good cause, that we may be advocating violence in order to stop abortion.”, this is not the intent of the project. Waters continues “Let me be the first to assure you that in no way do we condone or glorify the actions taken by our character, Sean, but rather we use the shooting in this work of fiction as a dramatic element that sets the stage and draws our characters together in a courtroom setting where questions of law, morality and justice can be only raised and argued outside of political debate.”

    Much like films such as A Time to Kill, Enough, Sleeping With The Enemy and The Brave One, Waters uses vigilante justice and murder in Justified as dramatic premises, not to incite, inspire or condone real violence as a means to an end, but to provide a vehicle, whereby this passion play can unfold and set about defining what rights a father should have to his unborn child; and at what stage should a fetus be given the individual right to life. Waters explains “If Justified does nothing more than spark intelligent conversation through a piece of dramatic cinema that is palatable to both pro-life and prochoice audiences, we will have accomplished the goal of this project. We seek to give an alternate perspective on a subject that is always deemed a woman’s health issue, when in reality it effects both parents.”

    This story is very personal to Waters since in 1996 he became the father of a child that was aborted. He struggled, like our main character Sean, to convince the mother of his child not to terminate the pregnancy. He begged and pleaded, bargained and cajoled, offered everything he thought would change her mind, including offering to raise the child himself after the birth with no further financial or legal obligation from her, but ultimately he was powerless to stop her abortion and she moved away two days later. His son or daughter would be sixteen years old now. After experiencing this, Waters felt a need for the world to understand the pain and devastation felt by fathers like him who currently have no legal rights or power to protect their unborn children.

    That is why Vancouver Filmworks and J.S. Waters need your to help to tell this story- a story that Hollywood will never make, even though it should. Filmmaking is extremely expensive and although the Filmworks and Waters have deferred salaries, equipment costs, locations fees and anything else that could be bartered, Vancouver Filmworks and Waters still have production expenses that need to be met. To ask one, or even a few, to bear the expense would be nearly impossible, but many hands make light work as does crowd-funding for filmmaking.

    Hear J.S. Waters talk more about Justified at and to contribute

    Become a part of the discussion on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter at @justfiedmovie

    Media Inquiries should be directed to Jennifer Niemann, Public Relations at


    Posted on June 14th, 2013 at 3:48 pm

  2. Sarah Says:

    checked out the web site- it’s good stuff. Thanks for making us aware of it.
    Hope it goes well and the funds will be raised, to the glory of God.


    Posted on June 15th, 2013 at 4:54 pm

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