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Standing at the gates of the Temple of Moloch, pleading with uninformed and misinformed mothers for the life of their innocent babies.

A Day In The Life……
Early Monday morning on First Street and First Ave. East, at “The Building For Women” in Duluth MN., a drunk man walks past the heavy metal fence in front of the building, passing the closed gate. The man curses and speaks an inaudible sound in the air. His breath puffs out in a cloud of steam as the frigid air condenses his breath. He staggers on. A liquor store across the street from the building is just opening, a man unlocks the door and looks around for any waiting customers. It’s a little early yet, but they will soon appear.
Behind the Building for Women, down a steep descent ( Duluth is built on the side of a Plateau ), the Technical Building, called the Technical Village, is not yet open. Soon the workers will arrive, many coming in through the alley to the back door. Across the alley is the back door and parking lot for the workers of the Building For Women. The chocolate shop down at the end of the block, in the Technical Building, is also opening as the owner prepares to make gourmet chocolates for the approaching holidays. Duluth is opening for business.
The gates of the Building for Women swing open and a worker walks through the courtyard leading to the entrance, stooping she picks up the paper and walks in. A young man and girl are walking quickly toward the Building For Women. Someone offers them informational material and help, but they have been warned not to talk to anyone before going in. They coldly shake their heads and keep walking. They can hear cries and pleas from someone else standing at the corner of the fence, “Look at your ultrasound, your baby is a person, your baby does not choose to die.”…but they had been told differently and believe these words to be lies… they go in.
The young couple is greeted with smiles and a warm welcome by the receptionist. Upon filling out paper work and obtaining approval, their hands are stamped and they are directed to the waiting room. They are the first to arrive, but soon others come and the room is quickly filled.The girl from the first couple is called into the office. The nurse draws blood, takes her vitals and has her wait in the waiting room again. Eventually she is called in for an ultrasound. What was that she heard from the voice calling out? …”Look at your ultra sound!” “Why should I” she thinks, “I’d only see a blob… no, I won’t bother, besides, the nurse might not like my asking.”
The chocolate shop owner is now pouring his first chocolate mix into the pricey, new Santa mold he had just purchased. At that moment, the little baby girl that the first girl was carrying in her womb, feels an excruciating pain as her little arm is ripped out of her body. She tries to cry but can’t. Blood pours out as she feels her legs and limbs ripped off. The pain overcomes her and she passes out and dies.
The liquor store is busy. Some guy buys a six pack, gets into his car and takes a long drink to quench his thirst. While he’s slamming one down, another baby directly across the street is feeling a tugging on his body inside the womb of his mother. He tries to move away from this uncomfortable tugging but it increases with strength. He flays his arms and kicks his legs but nothing helps as he feels the pain of his body being torn into bloody pieces, he passes out and dies.
The technicians are very busy at their computers, Monday is intense, time to shake off that weekend fog and crank out the data.  Another baby’s life is in the balance.The mother is placed on the operating table, she is told it won’t hurt very much. She can feel and hear the aspirator turned on, it sounds like a vacuum cleaner. There is a tugging and tearing in her womb. The pain is intense, she screams. Her baby is removed, little arms and legs pour out with the blood, the little face contorted with the agony of being torn to pieces can be seen in the remains.
A women in the clothes shop, next to the chocolate shop, picks up a cute little outfit she wants to get for her one year old niece. As she admires it, her heart begins to feel heavy as she recalls the baby she could be holding at that moment. Wasn’t it early last year she went into the Building for Women and had an abortion? She tries not to remember, but her heart continues to feel that heaviness, it just won’t go away. She puts down the outfit and leaves the shop quickly, tears streaming down her checks. Why can’t she get over this, it makes her so angry.
The third girl is called in for an ultra sound. As the nurse is placing the ultra sound probe on the girls abdomen, she remembers the cries she heard from that person outside as she went into the building; “Look at your ultra sound, your baby has little fingers and toes. Your baby has a brain wave and heart beat as early as 4 weeks along, your baby is a little person God has made.” The girl is thinking about these things and even though the people at Planned Parenthood and the clinic have told her differently, she decides to check for herself. The girl asks to see her ultra sound. The nurse suddenly seems very angry, and says, “No, you can’t, you don’t really want to”. But the girl becomes alarmed and insists on seeing her ultra sound, doesn’t she have a right to do so? The nurse, very reluctantly turns the screen for the girl to see. The girl gives out a gasp as she can see little arms and legs waving in the fluid, and even jumping up as if in air. She can see the little body and head, fully developed. The girl realizes that she had been lied to. She gets up and dresses and leaves the office, with a very angry nurse behind her following and trying to convince her to go through with the abortion.
Outside the Building for Women, there are some people praying together. In fact many hundreds that know what is happening and can’t be there are praying. They are asking God for mercy on the babies and for the mothers and fathers going in. They are asking Him to work and change the minds of the parents, before they do something they will forever regret…abort ( kill ) their precious child.
A girl comes walking out of the clinic, she has a soft look on her face, tears are streaming down her cheeks. Someone asks her if she has changed her mind about the abortion, she looks at him smiling and says,”Yes”. The girl is offered help, she does not have money nor any way to raise the child in her womb, but she knows she can not kill that little one. She is given help, money, gifts and clothes. She is given support and aide.
Six months later, the girl gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, She names her “Mercy Joy” because she realized that God had mercy on her by helping her to think for herself and change her mind. Joy because this little baby girl is just that, a great joy. The girl’s face is beaming with radiance and peace, she has her baby to hold and cuddle and love. God has been good to her.
This story is based on true events and testimonies where abortions are committed.
Written by a sidewalk counselor, anonymous.


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  1. Matthew Connolly Says:

    Beautiful depiction of a save at the abortion clinic. We’ll keep in prayer the numerous babies and mothers who lose out in the abortion industry, and despair; may God extend his mercy to them. At Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic on Ford Pkwy, sin is the wage, and death the product. 40 Days for Life, a great gift of God to His people, is a sling that will take down the Goliath of Planned Parenthood, a lumbering, stupid giant, that has claimed enough victim bodies already. Dead bodies float downstream (Bishop Fulton Sheen), but soon it will be Planned Parenthood and its moneys going down the tubes. The victory is His, Christ my Lord. Viva Jesus

    Posted on February 13th, 2009 at 12:12 am

  2. wow Says:

    It’s pretty sad you accuse the workers at the Building for Women of lying to young women and couples but you’re doing that here. I was never told I couldn’t look at my ultrasound. I’ve had two abortions.

    Posted on August 7th, 2012 at 1:28 pm

  3. Sarah Says:

    “This story is based on true events and testimonies where abortions are committed”
    Even if it wasn’t your experience does not negate the facts.

    I’m very sorry for your pain from the abortions. There is hope for mankind only through Jesus Christ the Messiah, our Creator- He gives you and me and all our very breath.

    I am not your enemy, I’m just speaking truth and exposing the darkness.

    You are hurting- I’m not condemning you for the abortion- but God condemns us for sin so He offers life and hope through Jesus Christ. Jesus took our condemnation on the cross if we will acknowledge to Him our sinfulness and confess to Him our inability to save ourselves- No one is good enough to be saved, that’s why Jesus took our sin on the cross, but His saving love is conditional, we must repent of our sins and believe Him that He is God in the flesh. We must come to Him on His terms. There are many who fabricate their own Jesus- But the Jesus of the Bible says to fear Him because He can cast us into hell, where the flame is not quenched and the worm does not die. Judgement is coming, I ask you to consider your own eternal soul and seek the Living God who is calling all everywhere to repent and believe the gospel.
    Please take a look at this link for deeper teaching of the gospel- truth from the Bible:

    Posted on August 7th, 2012 at 5:48 pm

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