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Standing at the gates of the Temple of Moloch, pleading with uninformed and misinformed mothers for the life of their innocent babies.

What would drive a mother to kill her own child and to behave in such an unnatural way to her offspring? So many of the mothers are distraught as they go into the Building For Women, they need kind and helpful advice in the right direction.

What kind of agency would have a distraught and confused women sign a form like this:

(WHC = Womens Health Center.)

I have been informed of the potential risks of the medical treatment and procedures relating to the abortion. I hereby wave/release and relinquish WHC, Their Physicians, agents, employees and assistants, from any and all claims or liability, arising from, or related to the performance of this procedure , other than occasioned by their gross and wanton negligence. I agree to make no claims against WHC, I agree to be responsible for all costs and attorney’s fees incurred by WHC or any of it’s medical staff, agents or employees investigating or defending the claims.

These Risks may include but are not limited to the following:

a.Uterine infection, which may require taking additional medication and follow up care.

b.Incomplete abortion, retained tissue or continued pregnancy, which may necessitate repeating the abortion procedure.

c.Reaction to medication or products used.

d.Heavy bleeding, hemorrhage and/ or formation of blood clots, which may necessitate medication and/ or transfusion.

e.Laceration or tearing of the cervix, which may necessitate repair of the cervix.

f. Perforation of uterine wall, (an instrument passing through the wall of the uterus) which may require immediate surgery that may include the repair or removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes and/or ovaries.

g.Injury to the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, bladder and/or bowel, rectum, intestines, blood vessels and nerves.

h.Need for immediate surgery or other additional surgery, which may include a hysterectomy. (removal of uterus, fallopian tubes and/ or ovaries);

Did you get that? The WHC does not want to be liable for their mistakes!

“Oops I just perforated your uterus/or intestine..sorry about that mistake….

What horror! Women who are having abortions just don’t take time to read the forms… and/ or they are so distraught they just don’t care.

Women who are about to kill their own offspring are blind to the risks and hazards that can happen to them. They are ignorant to the facts of the many suffering women who can no longer have children, who have serious physical problems, from botched abortions which do happen. They have no idea what they will be facing internally in their conscience as the reality sinks in that they have killed their own baby.

Abortion is wrong. It is sin against GOD. But because of the confusion and brain washing from  public schools and media, young mothers have been convinced that it is a perfectly normal thing to do.

Oh wake up! There is nothing but horror related to abortion!

But you have eyes and heart only for your dishonest gain, for shedding innocent blood, and for practicing oppression and violence.”¬† (Jeremiah 22:17)

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